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My Beauty Clinic, {"fr":"Luxembourg"} | Salonkee

My Beauty Clinic

56, Grand Rue (Gallerie Beaumont) L-1660 Luxembourg

My Beauty Clinic, centre d'épilation laser au Luxembourg vous accueille dans un cadre professionnel et vous propose une gamme de prestations de dernière génération. Au cur de la ville de Luxembourg au 56 Grand Rue (Galerie Beaumont) à 2 minutes à pied du Royal Hamilius

Rebalance by Lena, Bertrange | Salonkee

Rebalance by Lena


2, rue Charles Schwall L- 8093 Bertrange

Discover a new kind of massage: Our massages are not related to the classical massage. The treatments support the recovery of various diseases and ailments Through gentle and rhythmic grips, a certain energetic wave is created in the body. Signals and stimulion are send to the brain. This activates the self-healing process of the body. The different treatment options differ in the grips and procedures. Each process resonates with a different organ. In addition, emotional and energetic blockages can be released. The healing processes are scientifically proven by the International Institute for Biophysics. The bioenergetic treatment methods of restore the lost order of your cells, whereby healing processes can be improved and accelerated. This form of treatment belongs to the group of alternative treatment methods. In contrast, Emmett Technique uses targeted stimulation of trigger points to gently release muscular tension. By relaxing the muscles, the lymph flow is stimulated, mobility is restored and emotional blockages are released. Both treatment methods aim to strengthen your health and well-being and to reduce existing symptoms for a better quality of life. Before each appointment, a personal consultation is held to decide which treatment suits you best. In order to get the best possible results for you. If you are still unsure, please read the customer feedback :-) I look forward to meeting you. I speak Luxembourgish, German, English and French.

gastrointestinal problems
* detoxification/purification of the abdomen * can release emotional blockages * constipation * compensates for inflammatory processes * stimulation of the metabolism
* Blood pressure regulation * prevention of and regeneration after myocardial infarction * strengthening of the heart muscle * expands the chest area * supportive for bronchial complaints and lung problems