Escale Beaute, Strassen | Salonkee

Escale Beaute


Rue des Thermes L-8018 Strassen

Beauté des pieds sans vernis
Pédicure Medicale sans vernis
Pose de vernis simple pied .
Paola Hair Gallery Strassen, Strassen | Salonkee

Paola Hair Gallery Strassen


109, Rue des Romains L-8041 Strassen

Implanté au Luxembourg depuis 30 ans, notre salon de coiffure et d'esthétique est reconnu pour son excellence et savoir-faire. Sous la signature de notre créatrice, Paola Filippetti, nous vous offrons relookings, brushings, soins d'esthétique et de bien-être.

PEDICURE (sans vernis)
Coupe des ongles, limage, cuticules, polissage, callosités, crème, base
PEDICURE+SOIN des pieds paraffine
pose de vernis GREEN FLASH
Skinmed, Strassen | Salonkee



24, route d'Arlon L-8008 Strassen

We are pleased to welcome you to our centre in Strassen. Our team of beauty professionals will accompany you perfectly in your treatments. It's all about giving you the best appearance of yourself! The main treatments we offer are - laser hair removal - facial and anti-aging treatments (e.g. peelings, microneedling, micro infusions of regenerating vitamin cocktails) - body reshaping by firming the dermis (bodyshaping). Our centre is located at the back of building 24, route d'Arlon, L-8008 Strassen! Dear customers, Your health and safety and that of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We therefore ask you to observe a few measures: - come alone to appointments whenever possible - Be punctual, so avoid being early or late. - wear a mask - respect the distance as far as possible - provide a drink and reading if necessary - give preference to payment by credit card - reschedule your appointment if you have flu-like symptoms - hand disinfection is mandatory at the entrance Thank you for your cooperation.

Ongles pieds
Philux Nail Studio, Strassen | Salonkee

Philux Nail Studio


30A, Rue Henri Dunant L-8024 Strassen

Pédicure Médicale - Enfant
Pédicure Médicale - Adulte
Pédicure + vernis
Perle de Beauté Institut, Strassen | Salonkee

Perle de Beauté Institut


196, Route d’Arlon L-8010 Strassen

Au coeur de Luxembourg, dans le quartier Strassen, à deux pas de Mamer et Bertrange, nos esthéticiennes professionnelles vous invitent à découvrir des soins de beauté et de bien-être Féminin et Masculin. Nous vous proposons de nombreux soins personnalisés de haute qualité adaptés à votre style de vie et aux besoins de votre peau et vous accueillerons dans une ambiance calme et chaleureuse. Parking gratuit réservé à la clientèle à larrière du bâtiment.

Pose de vernis
Pose de vernis
We also found Nails, hands- & feet care around Strassen
Yves Rocher Belle Etoile, Bertrange | Salonkee

Yves Rocher Belle Etoile


Route d'Arlon (La Belle étoile) L-8050 Bertrange

Merci de venir seul à votre rendez-vous *Uniquement sur les prestations en Institut

Soins des pieds à la Lavande
Institut de beauté Eau' Céane, Bertrange | Salonkee

Institut de beauté Eau' Céane


5, Beim Schlass L-8058 Bertrange

L'institut de beauté Eau' Céane vous accueille dans un cadre agréable, spacieux et chaleureux situé au coeur de Bertrange. Une équipe de professionnelles de la beauté est à votre disposition et à votre écoute pour répondre à toutes vos attentes. Elles vous offrent un large éventail de soins auxquels elles accordent discrétion, savoir-faire et professionnalisme.

Pédicure + french
Pedicure + vernis simple
Françoise Urban Beauty Retreat, Bertrange | Salonkee

Françoise Urban Beauty Retreat


80, Route de Longwy (City Concorde) L-8060 Bertrange

Enter the universe of beauty and well-being at the Institut Françoise. We can deliver you A relaxing experience with our know-how and professionalism is. Endowed with the latest technologies, the Institut Françoise offers top-of-the-range services for the beauty of your face and body. The institute specializes in rejuvenating, treating acne and pigmentary tasks, and providing you with effective, non-invasive care, with results as convincing as surgery! With more than 40 years of experience, we are constantly looking for innovative care techniques to offer you excellence in the field of beauty. We place your wishes at the heart of our know-how and our aesthetic expertise. To offer you a unique and personalized experience, we have selected with the highest attention the best brands of dermocosmetics offering products of quality, healthy, and with the permanently proven ef ciency. Experience a unique moment and be guided by our expert beauticians who will give you exceptional care and will share their advice for an unforgettable experience. The duration of the care includes your reception, your time of care, as well as the time of installation in cabin.

Beauté des pieds Spa Relax
Ce rendez-vous est à prendre par téléphone : tel 45 20 47, merci
Mise en beauté des pieds SPA relax+ pose vernis
ce rendez-vous est à prendre par téléphone : tel 45 20 47, merci
Pédicurie médicale
Ce rendez-vous est à prendre par téléphone : tel 45 20 47, merci
Nail & Beauty Concept, Luxembourg | Salonkee

Nail & Beauty Concept


113, Route d’Arlon L-1140 Luxembourg

Beauté des pieds simple
couper, limer, nettoyer les cuticules, crème, pose de vernis
Beauté des pieds complet avec thalasso
Supplément vernis semi permanent
Medistetix, {"fr":"Mamer"} | Salonkee



66-68, Route D'arlon (Atrium) 8211 Mamer

Centre Medico-Esthétique Anti-âge et Minceur Pédicurie Médicale Maquillage Permanent Traitement de l'incontinence Epilation Définitive Laser Détatouage

Pédicure médicale
Pose vernis
Traitement Verrue
Wellness by Jane, {"fr":"Luxembourg"} | Salonkee

Wellness by Jane


15, rue Guillaume de Machault L-2111 Luxembourg

Réserver votre bon cadeau au tel.numero 661534493 ou Sms /whats app Situé dans un quartier calme à Merl, l'institut WELLNESS BY JANE vous propose des soins visages et corps ainsi que des massages, des épilations et diverses prestations d'onglerie. travaille avec les marques Peggy Sage, Biobalance, Forever Living, Shellac, Peclavus. Nous parlons LUX - DE - FR - EN

Gommage et masque des pieds
Pédicure beauté des pieds
Pédicure + pose vernis semi permanent
vernis semi-permanent
Keyna Beauty Salon, {"fr":"Luxembourg"} | Salonkee

Keyna Beauty Salon


104, Avenue du Dix Septembre L-2550 Luxembourg

Every client can come for an exclusive experience and all their hairapy needs. Our clients love us for our ability to really listen to their needs, giving them a look that will best enhance their pallet and lifestyle, all while keeping the integrity of their hair our priority. Our mission as a cutting-edge salon is to enhance your beauty through trends and personal style while recommending the proper products and other services for your individual needs. We provide hair care, hair colour, balayage, ombré, highlights, haircuts, braids, and make-up services. The focus is to provide each client with outstanding high-quality service and a wonderful experience from the moment you arrive.

Semi-Permanent Pied
Dépose De Semi-Permanent Pied
Manhattan Coiffure, Luxembourg | Salonkee

Manhattan Coiffure


3, Val Sainte-Croix L-1371 Luxembourg

Un Salon Tendance Le salon Manhattan Coiffure est né en avril 2009 près du Square de New York au quartier Belair Luxembourg où Isabelle et sa fille Yannick dirigent le salon de coiffure contemporain dans une atmosphère décontractée. C'est le salon tendance par excellence qui vous propose de multiples prestations de coiffure-visagiste (coupe, coiffage, couleur), manucure, extensions de cheveux, barbier, soins esthétiques (épilations, soin visage avec lampes LED, extensions de cils...).Une équipe de professionnels vous attends pour sublimer vos cheveux , votre peau ou vos ongles. Chaque client sera pris en charge avec professionnalisme aussi bien les femmes, les hommes que les enfants. Votre Coiffeur au Luxembourg

Beauté des Pieds
Spa Escape, Luxembourg | Salonkee

Spa Escape


16, Rue des Franciscaines L-1539 Luxembourg

Spa Escape, your urban spa, cocooned in the residential calm of Belair on 16 rue des Franciscaines, the street, aptly named after the Soeurs Franciscaines (located close by) whose work is founded on care and spirituality for the greater good. Our mission is to warmly welcome you as you enter the spa and help you find and enjoy inner peace and serenity. Escape from your busy lives and the 'busy-ness' going on around you. We provide you with a holistic urban spa experience that will enhance not only the way you look, but the way you feel while promoting a healthier body, mind and soul. ------- FACIAL SKINCARE Your facial treatment is chosen after careful dialogue with you regarding your lifestyle, skincare history and goals. Your facial is performed using the highest quality organic products with the best ingredients to give you the optimum spa experience and desired results. We have chosen AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES a British brand based on essential oil blends and PHYT'S an organic product line made in France. These products are of an excellent quality, respectful of the environment and are not tested on animals . Some of our skincare treatments are available in bundles. MASSAGE ESCAPE Each of these massages is an experience designed with you in mind. They are tailor-made and are personalised to fit your desired need at that moment. Each is deeply concentrated to relax or stimulate, eliminate toxins, stress and fatigue and balance your body, mind and spirit back to their harmonious state of well-being. AYURVEDA MASSAGES Ayurveda (science of life) is a philosophy of a very healthy lifestyle originating in India. It consist of re-balancing the energies of our body in order to maintain a healthy physical, mental and spiritual outlook on life. Thanks to these massages done at regular intervals we stimulate your energetic flux, remove accumulated blockages of the past and present and give you a sense of freedom and awareness. BODY MOMENT There are days when our body tells us to 'Stop! take a moment, shut out the world  and tune inwards'. We have some amazing experiences that will get you to do that. RITUALS Our carefully designed spa rituals will have you dreaming of far away places with the smells, sounds, taste and feel of the exotic nature of each dream. ------ GIFT The perfect gift for your loved one. As we offer the ultimate spa experience to you with our personalised services and carefully chosen treatments, to share that with others is a noble gesture. It does both to satisfy a hedonic need and honour beauty, balance, health and vitality. You may choose a spa experience or a euro value. You may contact us to organise the purchase of the gift certificate.

Foot Care
A refreshing foot soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment, lower leg and foot massage. A feeling of relaxation and calm accentuates this treatment.
Men's Nail Grooming - Feet
A refreshing foot soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment, lower leg and foot massage. A feeling of relaxation and calm accentuates this treatment.
Foot Care
A refreshing foot soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment, lower leg and foot massage. A feeling of relaxation and calm accentuates this treatment.
Isabel Coiffure, Mamer | Salonkee

Isabel Coiffure


34, Route d’Arlon L-8210 Mamer

Beauté des pieds
Beauty Touch, {"fr":"Luxembourg"} | Salonkee

Beauty Touch


20, Avenue de la Faïencerie L-1510 Luxembourg

Pédicure medicale
Beauté des pieds
Pedicure medical + beauté de pied