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Welcome to NEW FRESH KICKS, where you can find a unique collection of exclusive shoes for sneaker enthusiasts. We take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of the hottest pairs of the moment, each with its own distinct style.
We work closely with distributors and resellers to provide the rarest and most sought-after pairs in the market. Whether you're searching for Jordans, Yeezys, Nikes, or New Balance, we have the pair you're looking for.
Our team is here to help you discover the perfect pair, whether it's a rare vintage shoe or the latest release from your favorite brand. We are committed to finding the ideal shoe to complement your collection or outfit.
At NEW FRESH KICKS, we believe that every pair of shoes has a story to tell, and we are excited to assist you in selecting the pair that best represents you. Join us in our exclusive collection and experience the unique shopping journey we offer to our customers.


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Hello and welcome to ARTSON.

ARTSON is a unique concept store that brings together various artistic activities, providing you with a dedicated team to support you in your project.

- ARTSON TATTOO: Our tattoo salon where our talented artists create personalized works of art on your skin.

- NEW FRESH KICKS: Our boutique specializing in trendy sneakers for shoe enthusiasts.

- THE SNEAKERS CLINIQUE LX: Our sneakers clinic where you can have your sneakers cleaned to keep them in perfect condition. Additionally, our expert sneaker customization artist offers unique and trendy designs to give your shoes a hype and exclusive look.

- XTRA RECORDINGS: Our multimedia content creation service. Upon request, our team of videographers will film, edit, and create captivating audiovisual content.

We are delighted to welcome you and provide you with our team of experts to bring your artistic projects to life. We strive to offer quality services in a creative and inspiring environment.


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Tuesday - Saturday10:00 - 19:00

17, Avenue de la Libération

Schifflange L-3850

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