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OxyPod GLAM - Pure 24K Gold Facial
A luxurious pure gold facial revitalizes and firms dull skin, boosts skin hydration, and provides immediate & long lasting glow

• Pure 24K Gold
• Silver + Copper Complex
• Silk Amino Acids
• Carnosine Peptides

The Glam Serum nourishes the skin with Rosehip & Marula oils, palmitoyl bioactive peptides, hyaluronic + Polyglucuronic acids, a unique glycogen complex (PhytoSpherix®), along with Shea butter, Horsetail & Vanilla extracts, and Argan + Jojoba complex. The serum deeply moisturizes the skin, reinforce the skin barrier, and reduces redness and irritation.
A NEW STEM CELL APPROACH...Made in Switzerland
Mahila is a new generation of products, derived from stem cell research and designed to improve the regenerative capacity of dermal tissue. It is the dermis that provides support and elasticity to the skin and it is from there that wrinkles are born. Recent discoveries on dermal stem cells associated with epigenetic research, help fight the source of skin aging. By acting on the behavior of these cells so that they regenerate the dermis, Mahila products trigger deep rejuvenation of the skin.


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Beautiful & healthy feet


Starting at 32 €

Soin Pieds

Starting at 20 €

Couper les ongles

Starting at 15 €

Oeil de perdrix un orteil

Starting at 25 €

Vernis & vernis semi-permanent & Gel

Starting at 10 €

Hands & Nails


Starting at 43 €

Pose de vernis

Starting at 10 €

Manucure + pose de vernis semi-permanent

Starting at 69 €

Pose French vernis semi-permanent + préparation

Starting at 68 €

Pose de vernis semi-permanent +

Starting at 57 €

Réparation d'un ongle vernis semi-permanent

Starting at 4 €

Retirer vernis semi-permanent + manucure

Starting at 55 €

Retirer + nouvelle pose de vernis semi-permanent

Starting at 63 €

Retirer vernis semi-permanent

Starting at 16 €

Retirer + manucure + pose vernis semi-permanent

Starting at 85 €

Retirer vernis semi-permanent + limer + huile

Starting at 26 €

SPA Manucure (manucure + soins mains)

Starting at 63 €


Starting at 89 €

Gel Nails

Dépose faux ongles + soin des ongles

Starting at 52 €


Starting at 67 €


Starting at 41 €


Starting at 115 €

Pose Vernis

Starting at 10 €

Réparation Ongles

Starting at 10 €

Supplément Pose gel couleur

Starting at 12 €

Décoration Un ongle

Starting at 3 €


Starting at 32 €

Soin Pieds

Starting at 20 €

Couper les ongles

Starting at 15 €

Oeil de perdrix un orteil

Starting at 25 €

Vernis & vernis semi-permanent & Gel

Starting at 10 €


Excellence in the service of beauty!

Located in the city center since 1970, the institute is official supplier of the court and also the oldest beauty institute in Luxembourg.

Directed by Danièle Arend-Weber, a graduate in aesthetics, physiotherapy, medical pedicure and permanent hair removal, the institute is specialized in permanent hair removal, anti-aging, bodyshaping and permanent makeup.

Tradition and innovation, always at the forefront of innovation, the center continues to develop to bring you all the care that will contribute to your well-being.

A team of professionals remains at your disposal to meet all your expectations and needs.

On a surface of 200m2, 10 cabins of high standing, equipped with high technology machines, we are waiting for you to advise and treat in the most complete calm.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to welcome you and present our care.


Contact / Opening hours
Monday - Friday08:00 - 20:00
Saturday08:00 - 18:00


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Highlighted reviews:


The electrolysis sessions I have had here have really been life changing for me !! So happy that I started this treatment, it really works !!! A very professional salon, I highly recommend !!

Institut de Beauté Annette Weber-Krier replied:

👍Thank you for this nice comment 😊 so happy that you’re satisfied 👍 electrolysis is definitely life changing !


Tout etait vraiment tres bien. Esthéticienne tres sympa et tres competente et l'atmosphere tres reposante

Institut de Beauté Annette Weber-Krier replied:

Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse 😊

All comments:


It was my first experience here with sugaring and I-really liked it. The staff were nice, it took very little time and the result was great. I will come back for other services as well.


Very much enjoyed my session with Lea!


Très bonne prestation!

Institut de Beauté Annette Weber-Krier replied:

Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse 😊


My first session was great, and I had given 5 stars in the beginning. However in the second session, although the staff was great again, I got to meet Ms Annette Weber and I cannot say the same about her. At the booking you need to add the credit card information and when the session is over, you get charged automatically, which was the case in the first session. After my second session, as I was leaving, Ms Weber started shouting after me, I did not understand what was happening. I said “excuse me?” and she said “could you have forgotten something… PAYING MAYBE??” in a very rude way. I tried to explain to her how it was in my first session, and I had already given my credit card details, she crossed her arms and told me that should never be the case and crossed her arms, I felt like she was insinuating that I was trying to run away, which was not professional at all… I wouldn’t have expected this from the owner. Once the staff came and explained to her that I was late that’s why she was not seeing my details on the screen, her attitude changed completely. Definitely the opposite of a customer-centric business, but I guess this is what you get in a no competitive market like Luxembourg.

Institut de Beauté Annette Weber-Krier replied:

Hi Mrs Zehra, maybe an overheated reaction here ! Sorry for the mess but I was at no moment shouting at's really none of my habits ! I told you that we never charge service before it's completed and if you remember I told you to please check this on your phone as you were convinced that it was so. And you couldn't find any payment because there was none ! If I crossed my arms I told you also before, was no warrior position, but I just came out of a very hot cabin and was telling you already that I felt cold. Ok if I hadn't trusted you in any way I just had the door locked! I wish you a pleasant day 😊

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