Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho

Energy' discovery and harmonization of the body

, Luxembourg 1661


Salon - Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho
Salon - Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho
Salon - Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho
Salon - Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho
Salon - Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho
Salon - Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho

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I am a person who has the ability to feel the vibrations of the body. So, during the session, I ask your body in order to be guided in the massage


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Energy harmonization - One Body Part

Energy harmonization - One Body Part

Starting at 60 €

Energy harmonization - Front/Back

Energy harmonization - Front/Back

Starting at 130 €

Energy harmonization - One Body Part

Starting at 60 €


I come to the location of your convenience (home, office, etc.)


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Monday - Sunday11:00 - 20:00


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Ma maman m'a rapporté que Stéphane avait bien pris soin d'éviter certaines zones précises du corps, en l'occurrence celle qui avait été opérée précédemment (hernie discale). Elle a adoré son massage ! Stéphane est très discret... Bref, un moment très agréable.


On the floor, hart mattress, no massage table. My torso hurt afterwards. He was sitting on my back and butt to get a better grip. He did not cover the body parts where no massage was done. The massage itself was too soft, repetitive and not professional. Bizarre ambiance, I did not like and appreciate the massage. I cannot recommend.

Energy Massage - Segredo Marinho replied:

Hi Sorry for disappointment. As written on youdeal and here and explained before, this kind of "massage" is based on body' vibrations, reason the better is on mat or bed. It has been a surprise something hurts, if there is no mistake, it appears you slept around 30mn. The massage requested was buttock and back so to have a good result, my body should be in front of. As explain during the session, to feel the vibrations one hand is doing the massage, the other is searching the best connection elsewhere so unpredictable to cover a part. Strange as based on request of your body and confirmed during the session, everything has been done how you request to change it even you ask ass and you disagree after, it has been replaced by legs. If you find better explanations to describe it , please be free. All questions/answers have been done under whatsapp before, so f it was weird for you, apologizes but do not cancel a meeting when I am here , I did 80km for you. Have a nice day.


J’ai passer un moment formidable. Massage intégral parfait. Il sais mettre à l’aise la clientèle. Je recommande à 100%. À bientôt


Personne très accueillante. Massage relaxant et de qualité. Très apaisant. Un vrai professionnel.


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