Beauty Lashes By Lee

Si seulement mes week-ends étaient aussi long que mes cils.

27, Rue du Commerce Kayl L-3616


Salon - Beauty Lashes By Lee
Salon - Beauty Lashes By Lee
Salon - Beauty Lashes By Lee
Salon - Beauty Lashes By Lee
Salon - Beauty Lashes By Lee
Salon - Beauty Lashes By Lee

Important information

Welcome to Lee's eye room.

 Ciliary prosthetist for over 5 years.


Are your eyelashes ultra short? Are they stiff, thin, sparse? There is a solution to enhance your look: eyelash extensions.

The eyelashes are glued strand by strand and the length of each strand is determined according to your desires, but also your type of eyelashes. The result lasts 3 to 4 weeks, we will then opt for a filling, our eyelashes have their own life cycle. This is how they fall on our cheeks and allow us to make wishes ♥️.

The installation lasts at least a good hour and a half. Each strand is glued to the eyelash, and not to the skin, with European standard glue. The installation is obviously completely painless.


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Facial treatments
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Eyebrows and Makeup

Cil à Cil

Starting at 65 €

Volume Léger 2D

Volume Léger ( 2D )

Starting at 75 €

Volume Russe

Volume Russe 4D

Starting at 85 €

Volume russe 6D

Starting at 85 €

Volume Intense

Volume Intense 8D

Starting at 90 €

Volume intense 14D

Starting at 95 €

Remplissage 3 Semaines

Cils à Cils

Starting at 39 €

Volume Léger ( 2D )

Starting at 49 €

Volume Russe ( 4D à 6D )

Starting at 49 €

Volume Intense ( 8D à 14D )

Starting at 59 €



Starting at 20 €

Blanchiment dentaire

Blanchiment dentaire

Starting at 90 €

Cil à Cil

Starting at 65 €


Not coming:
- not wet hair
- 1 week before no treatment on
the eyelashes
- no fat on the
eyelashes and around the eyes
- not be less pregnant
2 months
- not having menstruation
 ( the rules )
- sick (no ibuprofen medication)
- late
- no diet
- not accompanied except child

Paid parking or with parking meter disc 2 hours max.


Contact / Opening hours
Monday - Sunday08:00 - 22:00

27, Rue du Commerce

Kayl L-3616

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Très professionnel et très gentil. Travail très bien fait ✅

Beauty Lashes By Lee replied:

Merci selma a très bientôt 😁


Très bon salon! Le résultat est magnifique

Beauty Lashes By Lee replied:

Merci ma belle pour ta confiance 😄

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